We’re Hiring!

Nonprofits often suffer from three things: 1) constant distractions, 2) a tangled mess of data and tools that hold them back, and 3) really big ideas on the backburner. Impact Upgrade is a software and operations consulting company, solely focused on closing these gaps. We upgrade your impact and get you back to your mission!

Our calling is to be behind the scenes, using tech to enhance reach and sustainability, as well as reducing the distractions and stress on leaders. Services include a mix of complex software engineering, virtual CTO, consulting, systems integration/analysis/admin, and ongoing support.


Software Engineer (Remote)

Impact Upgrade is experiencing rapid growth and is facing numerous opportunities in super impactful arenas! We’re looking for additional software engineers to join our team and serve nonprofits in a wide variety of ways.

We do have specialties and tools we often reach for, but we strive to be flexible generalists. So although there are a few areas that would be useful to have in your background, we don’t expect you to have commanding experience with everything. More valuable to us is your ability to quickly learn and work on a variety of stacks and efforts.


  • Development experience within a variety of arenas.
  • Overall generalist, but previous experience with any of the following would be extremely helpful to hit the ground running with current projects:
    • Java/Kotlin + typical JVM frameworks
    • Python + Django
    • PHP
    • JS (mostly vanilla, jQuery, and Underscore)
    • CSS
  • Experience with API integration and automation.
  • Experience with any RDBMS (we’re typically on postgres or mysql/mariadb).
  • An eye for development best practices.
  • A consultant’s mindset. Assume nothing you find has to be the way it is. Ability to keep eyes open for better/easier/simpler/cheaper ways of doing things, recommend them, and oversee improvements.
  • Ability to work independently in ambiguous and dynamic environments.
  • Understand that some projects demand enterprise/hardened development, others a looser get-it-done approach, and others a mix — and know when each is appropriate.
  • Fun, easy going, and service-centered heart. Our primary focus is serving nonprofit missions as well as helping their staff in any tech-centric way we can.


  • Exposure to Salesforce, HubSpot, Twilio, SendGrid, Stripe, WordPress, MailChimp, QuickBooks, Zapier, or other widely used platforms in the nonprofit space.
  • Limited exposure to AWS, Heroku, VPS providers (usually DigitalOcean or Linode), cloud storage, etc.
  • Experience/familiarity with the nonprofit industry.

If that describes you, we’d love to chat and move quickly! Email brett@impactupgrade.com with an intro and resume.

Nitty-Gritty Details:

  • Individual, direct-hire or direct-contract only. No agencies or groups.
  • Full-time or nearly full-time.
  • Open to discussing both FTE and contract options.
  • If FTE:
    • 401k with an 8% company contribution, regardless of your withholding
    • Paid holidays and unlimited paid vacation time. (And not the type of “unlimited” where no one takes it. The kind where it’s expected and enforced…)
    • Transparently, we’re not currently at a size where group insurance is in the cards. But, we’d love to chat about some alternate ideas.
  • We’re fully-remote! On a contract, you can be located anywhere, with some overlap with US hours (we’re in EST). For FTE, you must be in the US and authorized to work.