Our Team

Brett Meyer

Brett is the president, principal consultant, and technical director of Impact Upgrade. He also has a wide breadth of software engineering and management experience in multiple industries, including roles at Twilio, Disney, Red Hat, Raytheon, NBC Universal, and regional companies. He also enjoys public speaking on technical topics at both local and national conferences, as well as staying active in open source software communities.

Brett’s wife Jenel is an amazing and passionate ER/Trauma RN. She’s so much cooler and more attractive than him. However, she did choose to marry Brett, which calls her standards into question…so there’s that.

Brett and Jenel play zone defense against a formidable yet adorable crew: Kylie, Evan, and Carson. The small humans are nice enough to let their parents feel like winners once in a while, but that’s all part of the game. (It’s also handy living with an ER nurse. Because reasons.)

The Impact Upgrade Team

We’re blessed to have a group of software engineers, designers, system analysts, support engineers, problem solvers, and get-it-doners. Our composition and workflows are drastically different from other companies, by design! Clients work directly with Brett as the principal and single point-of-contact, but they also gain an entire team at their disposal.

Ivan – Software Engineer: Brett and Ivan have worked together for nearly a decade on both nonprofit and commercial development efforts. Ivan was trained at the the University of Edinburgh, started his career with Goldman Sachs, and is now a tech consultant based in Varna, Bulgaria. Ivan is, quite literally, a blessing and has been a tremendous partner over the years.

Jeremy – Software Engineer: Brett tried to hire Jeremy in a previous company, it didn’t work out, so he tried again here and finally succeeded! He’s one of the few people living in Orlando that doesn’t work for Mickey Mouse. Jeremy has a diverse engineering background in military, gaming, retail, robotic, and medical arenas.

Landon – Software Engineer: Landon recently graduated from Huntington University and we were lucky enough to have him join us as a summer intern. He knocked it out of the park and now works with us full-time! He’s a fan of Ohio sports teams, but we do our best to look past that.

Matt – Designer: Matt designs…everything. He’s worked with creative agencies, medical device companies, the agriculture industry, and a slew of small businesses. He helps us with our graphic, web, and app design anytime something comes up. And he’s amazing at it. We’re glad to have someone who has the other side of their brain working. He spends the rest of his time traveling across the US with his family in a fifth-wheel. Brett wants to be Matt when he grows up.

Rob – Technical Lead: This is now the second arena in which Brett has hired Rob. They just click. Rob’s software engineering and consulting career is as wide and commanding as it gets. His background in pharma, retail, insurance, banking, and automation brings the nonprofit tech world some much needed discipline and pragmatism. We value his leadership, fluidity, and heart.

Travis – Technical Lead: Where to start… While attending Stanford as an undergrad, Travis created and ran a nonprofit. His fundraising efforts including running marathons on all seven continents. He then founded a successful startup through the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator, then got into commercial real estate, and is now a consultant living in Minnesota. We’re grateful that the Renaissance man has joined us.

Zack – Software Engineer: We’re grateful that Ivan introduced us to Zack a while back. Also a consultant in Varna, Bulgaria, Zack quickly gets stuff done in a variety of settings. We sincerely appreciate his ability to dive in head first and get things right the first time.