Our Team

You believe in your mission! We do, too!

We're blessed to have an amazing team of engineers, architects, and get-it-doners with varying backgrounds and specialties.

Our technical team has backgrounds in: healthcare, communication, nonprofits, pharmaceuticals, insurance, Department of Defense, education, entertainment, and marketing.

The Walt Disney Studios
NBC Universal
Eli Lilly
Red Hat
Zimmer Biomet
Brotherhood Mutual
Office Depot

Your Partners

Brett Meyer

Founder & CEO

Brett has a wide breadth of software engineering and management experience in multiple industries, including roles at Twilio, Disney, Red Hat, Raytheon, NBC Universal, and regional companies. He also enjoys public speaking on technical topics at both local and national conferences, as well as staying active in open source software communities.

His wife, Jenel, is an amazing and passionate ER/Trauma RN. She's so much cooler than him. However, she did choose to marry Brett, which calls her standards into question...so there's that.

Brett and Jenel play zone defense against a formidable yet adorable crew. The small humans are nice enough to let their parents feel like winners once in a while, but that's all part of the game. (It's also handy living with an ER nurse. Because reasons.)

Brian Rowe

Lead Consultant & Strategist

Brian brings over two decades of development and IT experience in a variety of settings, from advertising agencies to corporate enterprise. He most recently operated his own consulting company where he focused on his passion of digital accessibility.

Brian is the very embodiment of the phrase "jack of all trades". First starting as an engineer, he has since become a vital partner. As a consultant, Brian directly serves nonprofit leaders. As a strategist, he's also responsible for large-scale projects and some of our products.

Other than focusing on making digital world usable by everyone, Brian can often be found camping with his wife, Stephanie, and two daughters. And slowly smoking meat. As God intended.

Landon Baer

Senior Software Engineer

After Landon graduated from Huntington University, we were lucky enough to have him start with us as a summer intern. He absolutely knocked it out of the park and we're grateful that he has already grown into a linchpin within our software engineering efforts! Landon is a rare breed, able to effectively juggle a wide variety of projects.

He's a fan of Ohio sports teams, but we do our best to look past that. But it's really, really tough. When not being absurdly productive, Landon plays soccer (he was a big deal at HU), dominates recreational volleyball, and is now planning a wedding with his fiance, Kenzie.

Michael Hansen

Director of Business Development

Michael has always had a passion for serving others, volunteering, and helping organizations grow. In every position he has held, he has had a heart of a teacher to better the people and companies he served. Michael's education includes a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing and a Master's Degree in Digital Media Communications. His past career experience has been working in the non-profit sector, higher education, and growing small businesses.

Michael enjoys being a husband to his wife, Abby, and a dad to their 3 young boys. He also nails the dance to Billie Jean. Ask us and we'll send you a video.

Scott Perry

Senior Consultant

Back when a 2400 baud modem was an upgrade, and BBSs were foreshadowing the internet, Scott's love for pressing buttons was born. Now after more than two decades in the IT industry, Scott brings a wide range of skills to the table including systems administration, networking, web development, graphic design, programming, server management, and more. He enjoys using his technology background to help others improve efficiency and maximize their potential.

At home, Scott is very blessed with his amazing wife Charissa, one daughter, and enough boys to start a basketball team. When the Perrys aren't having a LAN party, you might find them enjoying the outdoors or doing lots of dishes.

The Specialists

We're blessed to have an assisting team of engineers, designers, and get-it-doners. We highly value staying nimble with a mix of our core team, paired with motley crew of specialists. The loose composition enables us to execute with the right tools and right approaches, knowing those vary wildly between organizations and projects. This also has the benefit of allowing us to accelerate and decelerate development as needed.