Nonprofit Nucleus

The complete nonprofit toolbox. Automated.

Nonprofit Nucleus is an automation and integration engine, containing all the tools an organization needs to connect the dots and tackle a wide variety of processes.

Nucleus focuses on four key areas:

1) Freeing up staff members to focus on the core mission, instead of being distracted by tedious and error-prone tech.

2) Increasing your mission's reach with innovative, engaging strategies.

3) Reducing risks, increasing security & privacy, and preventing fraud.

4) Enabling nonprofit-specific concepts within commercial, industry-leading platforms.

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The Engine

Behind the scenes, Nucleus has a powerful and flexible engine that's able to talk to a wide variety of platforms. Unlike "plugins" in the marketplace, we take an external, API-driven approach that's highly customizable. It's 100% nonprofit specific -- everything you need and nothing you don't. And although "building block" platforms like Zapier and IFTTT have their place, Nucleus instead focuses on automating processes end-to-end, right out of the box.

Complete Packages

Nonprofit Nucleus

Want the whole kitchen sink? Gain access to our entire suite of tools, at a steep discount!

Nonprofit Nucleus

Nonprofit Nucleus can be fully customized and run in isolation, uniquely tailored to your organization's data, tools, and processes. Please contact us to get started!

Impact Upgrade

Interested in taking your organization to the next level? Nonprofit Nucleus (Enterprise) is fully included in our tech partnership plans!

Individual Options

Nonprofit Nucleus
Staff Portal

All instances of the Nonprofit Nucleus include free access to the Staff Portal. The Portal provides web access to tools (when applicable), giving staff direct access to single-button-click processes.

Donation Spring

A simple fundraising platform for nonprofits in search of overflowing generosity. For more information, click here!

Custom Donation Forms + Anti-Fraud

Connect your custom donation form into industry-leading payment gateways, like Handles all anti-fraud techniques, erasing risks.

Integrate: Payment Gateways + CRMs

Automatically manage your CRM's records as actions happen within your payment gateways. Done in a nonprofit-specific way with industry best-practices and data cleanliness in mind.

Donation Management & Donor Self-Service

Allow donors to manage their own information, modify recurring donations, and access records. Allow staff to do the same, through the Staff Portal, on a donor's behalf.

Custom Opportunity, Contact Us, and Subscription Forms

Connect custom web forms to your CRM, creating leads/opportunities and kicking off internal processes.

SMS Engagement

Text messaging does not have to be difficult! Blast out marketing messages from a CRM list, collect CRM leads from inbound messages, handle opt-ins, and enable text-to-give.

Voice Call Tools

Replace your landline or VOIP system with digital "trunking" and masking.

Data Entry and Retrieval Tools

Prevent staff from having to learn how to use your CRM! Through the Staff Portal, enable easy data entry, as well as information retrieval pulled from multiple sources.

Duplicate Data Detection and Merging

Automatically detect and deal with duplicate records in your CRM.

URL Shortening and Click/Campaign Tracking

Shorten URLs for email, social media, and SMS marketing. Track clicks, pegging the actions to a specific individual or campaign.

Bulk Imports/Updates into Your CRM

Mass actions in CRMs can be painful. Bulk import or update records using a flexible Google Sheet or uploaded CSV.

Meta and Utility Tasks

Some administrative tasks are burdensome, such as updating a CRM's schema or value lists. Automate changes with a single button click.

Integrate: CRMs + Email Platforms

Sync your CRM with email platforms, like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. Position your CRM as the sole source of truth and prevent export/import processes.

Financial Reporting and Reconciliation

Easily reconcile your financial ledgers, bank deposits, CRM data, and payment gateway records in a single shot.

Integrate: Financial Tools + CRMs and Payment Gateways

Automatically populate ledgers in financial platforms, like QuickBooks, using CRM and payment gateway data.

EOY Donor Tax Receipt Processing

Automatically generate and send end-of-year tax receipts emails to donors. Bulk-create documents for print and mail processes.

Full Backups

Nighly backups of ALL your data, including CRMs and cloud workspaces like Google.