Managed Web Hosting

We offer fully managed web and database hosting! Unlike most providers that require you to set up and maintain your own platform, we actively create, manage, modify, monitor, and backup every single aspect of the plumbing. One less thing to worry about!


  • Built on an industry-leading data-center (will outperform all “shared” web hosting packages).
  • Support for PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript, JVM (Java, Kotlin, Scala, Groovy), and other “typical” languages/runtimes.  (However, apologies, but we do not currently support Microsoft stacks.)
  • Daily, encrypted backups (stored permanently).
  • Integration with any email provider/server (we have favorites we can recommend).
  • Included SSL encryption (https://), provided by
  • Fully customizable DNS.
  • Directly reach me 24/7!

Please contact us for more information! For most uses, our rates are $15/month for nonprofits and $30/month for commercial uses. For more complicated/demanding uses, the rate may need to be higher (contact me). We’re also more than happy to migrate you from your current host for free.

Want to take it a step further and completely offload the stress and worries associated with your technical needs?  Allow us to be your technology and operations partners!  We’re passionate about enabling organizations to focusing on their core missions.  Let us deal with the rest.