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A simple fundraising platform for nonprofits in search of overflowing generosity.

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Meet Donation Spring

Impact Upgrade's mission is to simplify nonprofit operations. Although simple is hard, we're obsessed with getting you back to your mission and expanding your reach. Donation Spring is no exception.

Organizations can spend tens of thousands of dollars to build custom, professional donation forms. Our fundraising platform was born out of our consulting services, using the same approaches, technology, and security that we provide our partners.

Embed Donation Spring directly into your existing website! Rather than sending visitors to external platforms, Donation Spring keeps donors on your website longer, resulting in a deeper experience and increased funding. Donation Spring can also be embedded using a button and popup. Click Try Me, below, to see this in action!

Simplify your donations. Grow your impact.

Security & Anti-Fraud

Security and anti-fraud protection come first. Our top priority is safeguarding your organization, supporters and data.

FREE for Nonprofits

There are no costs or hidden fees for the platform! Donors are instead given the option to cover costs, keeping Donation Spring free forever.

Easy to Use

Donors will experience a simple, mobile-first process.

Professional Forms

Organizations normally spend tens of thousands of dollars to build custom, professional donation forms with built in security and best practices.


Donation Spring is highly configurable with many options and can be customized and installed on a page, with no need for technical staff.

Security & Anti-Fraud

Security and anti-fraud protection come first. Our top priority is safeguarding your organization, supporters and data. We integrate with an industry-leading payment processor ( that ensures every donation goes directly to your checking account shortly after it is received.

It all boils down to our promise to help you fundraise with integrity, success and incredible peace of mind.

Customizable To Your Needs

In minutes, a Donation Spring form can be created and installed on a page, with no need for technical staff -- literally copy and paste. The widget is highly configurable with many options, but the defaults are also a great starting point.

Mission Driven

You believe
in your mission!

We do too!

Call us your tech team or your biggest fans! Just know we see ourselves as partners in your mission, working tirelessly behind the scenes to help bring your dreams to life because the work you do is simply extraordinary.

We aren't just a platform to promote your effort. We're a team of people committed to generosity, goodness and big-world thinking. And we're excited to learn more about you and the work you're doing.

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Donation Spring:

With Donation Spring, there are no hidden fees, so you never have to worry about paying extra to set up or maintain your fundraising project.

appr. 2.2% + $0.30

When you tell (our payment processor) that you're a 501(c)3 nonprofit, you'll pay just 2.2% + $0.30 (a little higher for AMEX) for each donation you receive.

Total Cost:
Low or FREE

Donors are given the option to cover your processing costs, and most say "Yes!" But when they choose not to, you'll pay one of the lowest fees in the industry.

How can this be free?
Donors are given the option to add an extra 5% to their gift. And most choose to do so! 3% goes directly to you to cover the Stripe processing fee, while 2% is retained by Donation Spring to help us keep it free forever.

Additional Details

  • Crowdfunding projects, designated funds, events and general gifts.
  • Recurring giving or one-time donations.
  • A highly-configurable "widget" approach. Installation limited to a literal "copy and paste".
  • Using Nonprofit Nucleus, integrate Donation Spring with your existing CRM, marketing platforms, and accounting tools. Also gain access to helpful reporting and reconciliation tools.
  • Avoids wheel-reinventing. Fundraising platforms often try to do everything -- and do it poorly. Donation Spring focuses on knocking online donations out of the park, and nothing else.
  • No direct cost for organizations! Instead, donors cover fees with an optional add-5% checkbox: 3% goes directly to the organization to cover Stripe's processing fee, and 2% is retained by Donation Spring.
  • Over 135 supported currencies.
  • No 501(c)3/nonprofit requirement.
  • Built on top of industry-leading payment processing.
  • Fully PCI and GDPR/CCPA compliant. No data is stored internally.
  • 24/7 support.


Great! You've already crossed the first hurdle. But, we know that fundraising is always most successful when brands and organizations tell their stories in powerful ways. Donation Spring's unique platform not only allows that to happen, but our technical experts are here for you every step of the way -- to make sure that your mission is seen, heard and supported.
One super important thing to note: our goal is to increase your donations. If you purely compare the costs of standard, general "donate now" buttons, you're absolutely correct. However, our emphasis on targeted giving, crowdfunding projects, events, and story-telling, dramatically increasing your fundraising capabilities. So although there might be a nominal monthly fee, you more than make up for that through increased donations that you might otherwise be missing!
Payment processors/gateways purely facilitate the collection of payments or donations on websites. Donation Spring takes that several steps further, providing a way to present funds, crowdfunding projects, and events (with a dashboard to control it all). That is then hooked into a payment processor (Stripe). The processor is only part of the step -- organizations still need to build something on top of it to actually use it. And that's what we take care of!
Honestly, we're finding that it actually happens quite a bit. Historically, Donation Spring has seen over 50% of donors end up covering that fee. But with recent changes to the platform, that rate has jumped to 60-80%. And we've seen that same rate with our consulting clients! This day and age, most folks are used to the % fee concept, especially after the pervasiveness of Paypal, selling things on eBay, etc. They understand that online transactions always costs the recipient.
Want the shocking truth? Baby Boomers actually spend more time online than any other age demographic. And more than half of the nation's newest donors say they are ready and waiting to support a nonprofit through monthly, online giving. Online giving is growing every year -- 8 times higher than other traditional fundraising methods, and Donation Spring is one of the only platforms available that allows you to raise money without the addition of outrageous fees or complicated management systems.
Over 135! If Stripe supports it, we support it. Check out their list of supported currencies. As long as yours is included, we'd love to serve you!
Absolutely! The only difference is a slight increase in cost: Stripe charges a 2.9% fee for standard accounts, instead of the 2.2% nonprofit rate. But again, many donors elect to cover that for you!
That's the beauty of Donation Spring: It was created to save time and resources. Some of our partner organizations have reported an 85% increase in donations. And better yet, those donors have come back year after year -- three times more often than offline donors.